Maintenance And Upgrades

Replacing Existing Obsolete or Obsolescent Equipment.


Often, parts of target systems, such as controllers, become obsolescent or obsolete. This need not necessitate the complete system being scrapped as Rytmar Technologies have a great deal of experience in designing and integrating new control systems into existing target equipment.

Systems Available:

For portable target systems new communication modules can be fitted using either WiFi or long range, high power UHF Radio links. Generally WiFi is used for consumer hardware interface with UHF Radio being favoured for long range, high speed communications.

Examples of these custom designed are shown below.

Existing ATA Series 5 Target Lifter with new radio controller fitted.

Controller being a Rugged Tablet.

Custom Radio Data Links for Target Ranges

WiFi provides convenient connection to user interface hardware over short range.

Commercial Hand Held Controller

WiFi Transceiver

Advanced UHF Radio Links

Rytmar has developed a new radio module with an integrated modem. This is a replacement for UHF modules and interface microprocessors. It provides the following capabilities:

  • Custom modulation/demodulation for improved throughput at ranges up to 5km.
  • Standard UHF modules
  • Custom modem hardware and software
  • Full duplex, long range data link
  • Intelligent interface to consumer control hardware (RS232 or WiFi connection)
  • Optimised for control (short messages + fast turn around)
  • Control/Poll 25 targets per second.

Range Control Software

The Rytmar Range Control Software includes the following features:

  • Unlimited architectural options.
  • Dynamically shared range control.
  • Fully graphical interface.
  • Touch screen hand held controller.
  • Touch screen or stylus on tablet controller.
  • Adjustable menu system (HHC).
  • Automatically shared range configurations.

This software has been developed as native Windows Application. Additional advantages include:

  • No licensing fees.
  • No restrictions on deployment or usage

Specialised Production

Rytmar specialises in short run production of technical equipment for accelerated prototyping. This includes:

  •  CAD design and documentation for critical design and production control
  • Complete control of mission critical production processes

Examples of such equipment are shown below.

Laser Target Interface to aallow such systems as MILES to be used with portable targets.

UHF Target Controller to be retrofitted to an existing target system.

Enhancing the Capability or Functionality of Existing Equipment


As training becomes more demanding whilst training budgets decrease, Rytmar anticipated the need for existing equipment to have an enhanced functionality. To this end a number of innovations are offered as shown below:

A UHF Up-Range Target Controller with inbuilt Duplex Radio for high speed communications such as polling of target lifters. It also has an inbuilt WiFi node to allow it to talk to the Range Supervising Computer when positioned in the Control Room or to a Hand Held Controller when positioned in the field.

ATA Series 5 Target Lifter with UHF target controller and solar panel fitted. The Target Controller Software allows the operator to put the system to “sleep” thereby saving battery power. With this feature plus the addition of a solar panel the complete system can stay in the field indefinitely and without the batteries being returned to base for recharging.

High Speed Moving Target (HSMT)

An existing “dumb” winch drawn armour target system was redeveloped by strengthening the chassis and building into the framework an air compressor driven by one of the wheels. This produced compressed air in a cylinder which formed part of the chassis and that air was then used in an “Air Over Hydraulics” configuration to lift a full scale tank target board on demand. When struck by the programmed projectile the target fell under gravity. This enhanced the tank crews training experience considerably.

Fast Moving Tank Target System (FMTTS)

This is a Armoured Fighting Vehicle (AFV) tank target that travels along a monorail. It is controlled via a UHF radio system. It records target hits and transmits them to a UHF controller. The target can provide visual indication of successful hits via smoke canisters. This is an existing system that had not been upgraded for many years. Rytmar refurbished the mechanical hydrostatic drive system and installed a completely new UHF Range Control System.

Enabling New Training Outcomes to be Achieved

In order to enhance the training experience of troops being exercised Rytmar has the capability to upgrade the existing control system of a range so that it provides immediate feedback for the participants.
If required, the results can be recorded to be used in the After Action Review (AAR).  Shown below is an example of an enhanced display showing a pictorial of the range layout. The position of the static target positions and the moving target tracks are depicted by dedicated icons for ease of use.

Enhanced Display

Integrate, enhanced display as part of a range control system.

The use of modern control systems combined with improved performance of existing equipment equates to more effective training time being available.

Infantry target position on an armour range.